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The Bloom of Youth

The Seventh Childsplay album, The Bloom of Youth, brings together the exquisite singing of Irish singer Karan Casey with the voices of the many instruments of the band. From original compositions to beautifully textured arrangements this album will delight any listener who enjoys Folk, Celtic and Americana music. Not to be missed!

1) Cuckanandy/Chris Childs 5:20
2) The Noodle Vendor/Sweetest Blooms/Avery’s Mazurka 4:21
3) Buddy’s Strathspey/The Wooden Whale/The Farmer’s Daughter 4:46
4) Where are you Tonight I Wonder 5:34
5) Lara’s Jig/The Burning Snowball/Farewell to London 4:21
6) Sailing off to Yankeeland 5:53
7) The Bloom of Youth/Temple House/Sailing In 2:52
8) Turka 4:51
9) The Fiddle and the Drum 4:55
10) Acadia March/Essex Wedding Reel 4:38
11) Maids of Galway/Jenny Picking Cockles/Epic Reel 4:34
12) Lovely Annie 4:57
13) One to One Waltz3:36

Total time: 60: 59

As the Crow Flies

This sixth Childsplay, CD As the Crow Flies, showcases the beautiful singing of Lissa Schneckenburger with the familial voices of the violins made by violinmaker Bob Childs in concert with the other instrumentalists in the band. This extraordinary group of 21 musicians range from members of the Boston Symphony to some of the leading virtuosos of the Irish, Scottish and Appalachian fiddle traditions.

CD Booklet, Lyrics

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Waiting for the Dawn

This fifth Childsplay CD explores the relationship between Aoife O'Donovan's voice and the familial voices of the violins made by Bob Childs, in concert with the other instruments of the band.

CD Credits
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Waiting for the Dawn Bio
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Heaven & Earth
The inspiration for Heaven and Earth, recorded in 2005, came from the passing of several dear family members and friends of Childsplay. In their honor we decided to build an album around the idea of musical memory. Band members Mark Simos, Keith Murphy, and Hanneke Cassel all contribute music that they composed to the album, along with a recent composition from Phil Cunningham and John McCusker in memory of Tony Cuffe. Ranging from traditional to contemporary tunes and from old songs to recent compositions, the full voice of Childsplay (including six members from Sweden) is on display in this exciting CD.

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Childsplay Live
Unlike many large groups, Childsplay thrives on involving everyone in the group when determining the shape and sound of the arrangements. Typically, for each set, one person takes charge of suggesting an arrangement but then works with the entire group to create a final shape for the set. The resulting quality and spontaneity shine through on this live CD, from the large group pieces to the small group and solo performances.
  1. The Handsome Young Maidens/Cliffs of Moher/Farewell to Ireland/Siobhan O'Donnell
  2. Canyon Moonrise
  3. The Maple's Lament/Reel de Montebello - Reel de Mattaw
  4. Highlander's Farewell/Fisher's Hornpipe
  5. John Naughton's/Return to Camden Town/The Humours of Westport - Twilight in Portroe
  6. Lenny Awa'
  7. Doina/Hora Bucovinei/Hora in D Minor
  8. Caisleán an Óir/Her Lovely Hair Was Flowing Down Her Back
  9. Rambling Man
  10. Rocky Pallet/Wild Hog in the Woods/ Crockett's Honeymoon
  11. Jean's Reel
  12. La rachoudine/Set américain/Dedicado à Jos
  13. High Cauld Cap

The Great Waltz
While there is a wonderful selection and range of waltzes on this album, from traditional to contemporary, the CD is named for a magical tune written by band member Mark Simos, entitled the Great Waltz of China. Rarely are first takes used in recording sessions, but during the first take on Mark's tune (with the ink still fresh from his recently written out harmony lines for the viola and cello), the whistle, piano and quartet started the piece off ... then the whole group entered and this magical moment ensued, creating a collective sound of spine-tingling beauty.

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Twelve-Gated City
This is Childsplay’s first recording, done in 1992 in Washington after a long weekend of performing at a Seattle dance festival. There is a great range of music on this CD, from large-group ensemble playing with impromptu arrangements to solo and small-group recordings featuring different members. The group had so much fun making this recording that it shines through the music and ultimately gave them the impetus to embark on their many years of performing together.
  1. Hughie Shortie's/Trip to Windsor/ Barrowburn
  2. Cantares de mi Tierra
  3. Polska från Nås
  4. Father Kelly's #2/Julia Delaney/Dinky's Reel
  5. Twelve-Gated City
  6. The Old Favorite/The Return From Paris
  7. Bob's Child/Golden Earring
  8. Skipping Cat/Old Bell Cow
  9. Diabinho Malucco
  10. Polska efter Sjungar Lars från Lima
  11. La Grandeuse/Festival du Voyager
  12. One-horned Sheep/The Sailors Wife/ Drummond Castle
  13. Isle of Skye/Loudoin's Bonnie Woods/ Timour the Tartar
  14. Childgrove
  15. The Jog of Slurs/The Athol Highlander/ Brenda Stubbert/The Reconciliation
  16. White Oak
  17. Waltz of the Little Girls


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